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Varsity Summary:

  • Women’s A: Win by 77 minutes
  • Women’s B: Win by default
  • Men’s A: Lose by 10 minutes
  • Men’s B: Win by default
  • Men’s C: Win by default
  • Katrin & Matthew take individual A course wins
  • CUOC take clean sweep on Women’s podium for 3rd year running
  • HQ joins 200 club, avoids 4 hours disqualification by 6 minutes
  • CUOC beat Oxford at drinking for second year running, lose boat race trophy to JOK

Despite Nick’s depressing pre-race talk (involving contingency plans for finding random Swedish people to ring his mobile if you wandered off map), everyone managed to get round their course safely.

CUOC continued our domination of the Women’s competitions, yet again taking a clean sweep of the podium (for the 3rd year in a row). Katrin was very pleased to not be 3rd yet again, so instead decided to win, by over 3 minutes. Carrie & Jess completed the podium, and in the process, CUOC’s scoring A-team.

After Nick’s bold prediction that a “certain member of the GB talent squad should win in just under an hour”, he was proved wrong as an ex-member of the fabled GB Start Squad proceeded to win in 53:42, claiming the win by 37 seconds. However, Oxford’s 4 counter unfortunately was just a little too good, meaning Oxford took the Men’s A win by 10 minutes. (Everyone was shown up by local boy Kalle Bergman though, who stormed round the 8.4km course in 42 minutes..!!)

The Men’s B team scorers of Joe Hobbs, Miranda Leaf & Andy Strakova won by default after Oxford’s 3rd runner never got on his plane. HQ joined the exclusive 200-club and getting his money’s worth out in the forest, coming in 6 minutes before the 4 hour disqualification limit.

A map mix up at the start meant CUOC winning the previously unintended Men’s C competition and Natalie suddenly finding herself on a much longer course than expected. However she coped admirably, getting round in just over 100 minutes.

Since the Oxford girls would have to improve their times by 10 x the improvement required from the CUOC boys (25 mins vs. 2.5 mins), plus the CUOC individual wins and in all the B & C competition, we can feel happy with our day’s work and claim the ‘overall’ win.

Individual Results

Sunday Update

Varsity Relays

  • CUOC win Varsity Relays

The CUOC team of James, Katrin & Matthew also won the "semi-serious" Varsity relays, by 8 minutes from JOK and crushed Oxford by 20 minutes.

Post-race banquet and party was a great success, the team partying hard until 3:30am in the morning. There will be quite a few tired faces on the planes home tomorrow afternoon...

Relay Results

Posted using Eduroam at Stockholm Arlanda Airport
A full report of all the whole week's activities and gossip, including pictures, will be posted after the journal has been presented to those at the AGM.

Impington StreetO Results - 26 Mar 14

The results from the first StreetO League at Impington Village College, planned by Iain & Andrew Stemp can be found at the links below

Girton Training Results - 19 Mar 2014

Thanks to our new coaches, Joe & Jenny, for some interesting courses focusing on Attack Points & Simplification around Girton. The results and splits can be found from the links below:

Lucy Cavendish Training Results - 12 Mar 2014

The results from the training at Lucy Cavendish have finally been calculated and can be found from the results below:

Churchill Training - 05 Mar 14

Results from the Route Choice & Control Flow training at Churchill, planned by Zuzka this evening are now available from the links below:


Pancakes taste much better when you have first had to do a bit of map memory and then run around for 3-7 minutes looking for fillings to put in your pancake! Therefore, on Pancake Day, 6 CUOC orienteers took part in the first Pancake-O!

For those of you who have not experienced a Pancake-O before, the rules are as follows:
1. each competitor specifies from a list which 3 fillings they will use and the order.
2. each competitor is given a bag with 3 pancakes in
3. at each control there is a different filling. You will not know which type of filling will be at the control until you get there. At the control, dib the ‘in’ control, spread the filling on the pancake and then dib the ‘out’ control.
4. the aim is to assemble all your pancakes as quickly as possible and bring them back for inspection. An assembled pancake means that it (a) contains a filling and (b) is rolled up.

Here are the results from Pancake-O Champs 2014

Note: At future Pancake-Os it is highly recommended to have a larger team of inspectors at the finish and to have manned controls. Due to understaffing, this was not possible at this Pancake-O and therefore several competitors have been given the benefit of the doubt!
More specific guidelines need to be drawn up regarding how much preparation may be done before dibbing ‘in’ and how complete assembly needs to be before dibbing ‘out’. Some assembly of pancakes was dubious!

Fastest at assembling three pancakes: Matthew Vokes

Fastest spreading times:
Chocolate spread: Matthew Vokes
Jam: Tom Dobra
Lemon: John Ockenden
Sugar: Joe Hobbs
Ham: Dan Safka
Cheese: John Ockenden

So if you want a pancake assembled quickly, depending on which filling you want, you know who to ask!

Rankings and split times are below.

Results & Splits

CUOC's 2014 East Anglian Champions
CUOC EA Champions

Congratulations to Fiona Petersen, Katrin Harding & Matthew Vokes who are the 2014 East Anglia Champions in W20, W21 & M21 respectively!
The race was held on Sunday 2nd March, at the rather muddy Thorndon Park North & Harts Wood, but that didn't seem to slow them down!

Training Results - CMS (26 Feb 14)

Results for the head-to-head courses & mass start race at the CMS are now available at the links below. Remember, if you want to appear on these results, you need to download after every run!


BUCS 2014
CUOC at BUCS 2014

This year’s BUCS was organised by Leeds University. Their club has only been going for one year, but evidently it’s going well, as they managed to put on a great weekend of orienteering for students from all around the country. The weekend consists of an individual race on Saturday and a relay on Sunday. The results from both days are added up to give an overall winner. For the individual race, the first three best women/men runners count. The lower the score the better. For the relay, the best women’s/men’s team counts, and their position gets multiplied by three to give an overall score. Two years ago when BUCS was organised by Cambridge we succeeded in beating Oxford and came 3rd overall but last year Durham pushed us off that spot. Can we repeat our success from two years ago?

Day 1- Individual Race

The individual day was held at Ilkley Moor, close to Leeds. It is an area of mostly open moorland with lots of crags of varying sizes and bits of forest here and there. The main challenge was reading the contours correctly and having enough physical fitness to power up those hills. This year, we came well prepared with a team of 14 runners ready to show everyone that although Cambridge is flat, we are more than apt for the challenge. The planners spared no energy in preparing an extremely tough course, testing everything from fine map reading skills to long legs that required competitors to employ their route choice skills. The unusually long 2 km leg therefore sparked up vigorous discussions as to what the best route was. Do you go straight and cut across the boulder field, do you go all the way down and run along a nice path or do you stay up on the ridge?
In the end we finished on a decent 5th position after the first day, just getting beaten by Oxford by a few points. For the men, Matthew Vokes finished first from CUOC in 12th position, followed by John Ockenden and Mark Salmon in 34th and 36th positions respectively. For the women, Carrie Beadle represented CUOC towards the upper end of the results list in 11th position accompanied by Andrea Stefkova and Jess Mason in 27th and 28th. Overall, CUOC scored 148 points, 16 points too many to beat Oxford.

Individual Runners. Image Credit: Wendy Carlyle

Day 2- Relay

After a slightly haphazard evening social and the traditional boat race which we didn’t exactly dominate, the relay on Sunday proved to be the decisive point for CUOC. We put on one women’s team and two men’s teams, one of them appropriately named fuCUOCsford, (which is what we came here to do of course!) BUCS 2014 Relay Handover With Durham in third position but lacking a decent men’s team, it was going to be a question of whether their Men’s team would manage to reach the finish in time for them to hold onto their third position. However, we focused ourselves on beating Oxford by those 16 points from the day before. The women’s relay started off splendidly, with Carrie Beadle knocking the breath out of everyone by storming into the finish 1st, handing over to Andrea Stefkova on second leg. It turned out that Carrie’s run was the best out of everyone, including the 2nd and 3rd legs! BUCS 2014 Relay HQ The Men’s team stayed in touch with the leaders thanks to James Hoad coming in 7th, losing only 3 minutes on the leader. Unfortunately Oxford had a very strong Men’s team, therefore our hopes of beating Oxford gradually dissipated. It became a question of whether we could beat Durham and move up a position to finish 4th overall. With both the Men’s and Women’s teams finished in respectable 5th and 6th positions, it was all down to hoping that Durham’s Men team would finish low enough for Cambridge to overtake them. Tom Dobra, running the third leg for CUOC Men’s 2nd team, was eagerly awaited at the finish as it would push Durham’s team one position lower. After much suspense, Durham did indeed get overtaken by enough teams to push CUOC up to 4th position overall, beating Durham by only 4 points! So although we didn’t beat Oxford, we at least managed to match our result from last year, finishing in 4th position out of a total of 25 universities that took part!

What bodes well for Varsity though is that in both the women’s category and the men’s category we would have beaten Oxford had the actual times counted rather than the positions. We’ll show them who’s boss in Sweden in April!

Results & Splits from the weekend
Jesus Green StreetO Results

The results for the StreetO on Jesus Green, Midsummer Common and the surrounding streets are now available below.

Maze results will hopefully follow soon...!

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